Angels Get A Better View

I believe a life well-lived balances body, mind, and Spirit. But, what does that mean for people who do not hold Spiritual beliefs? Are they excluded?

The meaning of Spirit is deeply personal. Recognizing that people hold diverse beliefs, I approach Spirit in a broadly inclusive context. This will fall short for some, but is hopefully relevant to all. 

The essence of our life is summed up by the two-letter word, “We.”

The “We” in my life reveals who I am.

But what defines “We?” 

That may seem like a ridiculous question. “We” is simply ourselves and one or more other people.

Except, that isn’t quite correct. 

When two people become “We,” three energies are expressed, the energies of two individuals and their relationship. Though shared, the relationship is unique to each.

 “We” intersects “You” and “Me,” and yet I will never witness your experience of our “We.” This renders “We” both miraculous and mysterious. It is pure mutuality that makes its home in the union of souls. 

I believe “We” is the manifestation of Spirit.

Three years ago, our daughter Julia and fiancé Ryan got married at our cabin in NW, Wisconsin. I was honored to be the officiant. Friends gathered to witness the union of bride, groom, and love. Three united energies venturing together as one into the unknown circumstances of life.

Love is the greatest “We.” Love is Spiritual energy with the strength to unite individual solitudes. 

A strict materialist might reject the notion of Spirit as relationship and instead claim that what is “felt” is merely a biochemical expression in one’s body. 

Perhaps this is true if life were viewed exclusively from the outside. 

But wholeness is inclusive of the inside as well as the outside. Spirit that manifests in “We” illuminates our inner “being.”  It is found whenever and wherever one opens their heart. 

Spirit is critical to a life well-lived because it is the key component of joy. 

Joy has the power to transcend circumstance. Joyful people have an abundance of “We” in their lives! The Spirit in them is strong.

How do we grow Spirit? 

Our “We” starts out small, often being reserved for family members and friends. If “We” is allowed to expand beyond this inner circle, Spirit flows into our lives. 

Fully expressed, Spirit expands beyond naming. 

Adam Duritz, frontman for the band “Counting Crows,” sings,

“In-between the moon and you, the angels get a better view.” 

Spirit illuminates the in-betweenness in life. 

Our best view truly comes from this miracle of We.


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3 Replies to “Angels Get A Better View”

  1. I like this one too, Tim. Your last few have been more joyful than some. Reflecting a lovely summer with family? Bound to have influence! 🥰 Dee

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