Reflections, Vol 4: Is Spirit Relevant In Our Modern Age?

This series poses questions for personal reflection. 

My views are offered as a thought starter.


First, what is Spirit?

Many define it in the context of a diety, which divides people into two camps, believers and non-believers. 

I find the division unnecessary.  

Spirit is an “in-betweenness” felt when deeply connected. People connect to things in differing ways. Spirit is the facilitator. It is the active ingredient in “We.”

The voice in our head tells us we’re alone, separate, and distinct, but this is an illusion. The concept of a separate “Self” is the greatest misconception of humankind. It is a precursor to violence and dis-ease. 

The closer we look, the more we see that nothing is set off by itself. Instead, everything is entangled. The deeper we experience this entanglement, the more Spirit we have in our lives.

Spirit arises in many forms. I feel it in friendship, nature, and when I let go of incessant thinking and become still. Others experience it in religious settings. The common denominator is communion beyond “Self.” Spirit brings us together, and it is especially important now! 

Scientific rationalism dominates our modern world. It has enabled incredible progress, but something has gone missing. We’ve become distanced from one another.  

Spirit, on the other hand, is little changed over the millenia. It has a David Byrne quality, “same as it ever was,”  whether expressed in love, friendship, nature, or God. The writer Joseph Campbell claims, “The hero-deed our age faces is that of rendering the “modern world” spiritually significant.” 

I agree. Why shouldn’t Spirit evolve in our life and society?

We live in a time when if something isn’t objectively verifiable, it’s not real. I reject this notion. There is more to life than molecules. Love is an example.

Anxiety, loneliness, and divisiveness are epidemic in modern society. All three are symptoms of a Spiritual deficiency. Something deep inside us radiates and is only fulfilled in the miracle of we. This is Spirit, and it is beyond relevant! It is necessary for our survival. 

Anyway, that’s my take on it….

How Is Spirit relevant in your life? 


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