Introduction To A Life Well-Lived

Purpose and Principles

Announcing the publication of my book, Towards A Life Well-Lived

Life Balance

The Beginning

A Question of Balance

More Than Molecules

A New Year’s Resolution

Inside Out

This I Believe

Little By Little



The Inner Journey

A New Year’s Look On life

 The Miracle of We

The Miracle of We

The Illusion of Separation

The Evolution of We

The Space Between

A Fish Out of Water

Thoughts On the Election

The Power of We

Zero-Sum Games

The Pull To Union 

Choose Kindness


Thoughts Matter

Better Together

Better Together, Part 1: “There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree”

Better Together, Part 2: “To Our Children’s Children’s Children”

Better Together, Part 3: “Tell Me Why”

Better Together. Part 4: “We Can Work It Out”


Spirit Part 1: Spirit In Action

Spirit Part 2, The Symphony of Life

The Search For Union

This Person Is Now Called Adalyn

What If God Is A Verb?

The Spirit of Christmas

Spirit Running Wild

Spirit Already Knows

Angels Get A Better View

An Inside Job

A Question Of Belief


Awareness: Part 1: Introduction

Awareness Part 2: Ego

Awareness Part 3, Flow

Awareness Part 4, Presence

Awareness Part 5, Resonance

Awareness Part 6, Radiance

Awareness Part 7, We

Awareness Part 8, Conclusion

Clear Mind, Open Heart

Who Am I?

ChatGPT Reviews My Blog

The Superhero Within

Expanding Our Creative Being



Silent Fitness Introduction

Silent Fitness 5-Part Series

Learning To Be Still

Out Of My Mind

The Voice


Wisdom From Grandma

Big Rocks

The Doors of Perception

The Lost Art of Listening

Cats and Dogs

Just Nine Words

Just Like Me

How Was Heaven?


The Best Time To Plant A Tree

The Mathematics of Life

A Part Of Us

The Treasure Chest

Closing Thoughts for 2022, Part 1

Closing Thoughts for 2022, Part 2

Closing Thoughts For 2022, Part 3

No Free Lunch

“Put the Lime In the Coconut”


Never Better

Beginners Mind

What Matters?

A Quality Life



The Search For Meaning


Bad Self-Portraits


“The Future Ain’t What IT Used To Be”

Happiness and Hard Times


The Anatomy of Peace: Introduction 

The Anatomy of Peace: Introduction Cont.

The Anatomy of Peace: Part 1: Mindfulness, The Doorway To Presence

The Anatomy of Peace: Part 2: Presence, The Doorway To Awareness

The Anatomy of Peace: Part 3, Energy, Connecrion, and “Being” http://

Conclusion: New Relationships, New Life:


The Better Angels of Our Nature

Finding Peace of Mind


Living In The Moment


Being Present

The Shape of Time


A Strange New World

“Into The Great Wide-Open”


Beyond the 4th Turning.


A Different Era.

Not Even In Your Dreams


Thirty-Nine Thousand Ninety-Four,… and One

Energy In Motion

Out to pasture



Can Opposites Attract?

Learning the Two-Step

Half-Way There

The Quality of Life

The Downside of Debate

The Changes We Need Most

Are We Getting Soft?

“God Is Great, Beer Is Good, and People Are Crazy”

 Mistaken Identity


Merry Christmas

Whose Dog Are You?


The Story of Atom.

A Father’s Advice

A Milestone Reached

Remembering Mom.

A Little Soon To Say

Remembering Dad

Good Bosses

The True Measure Of A Life


The Quickening


“Younger Than That Now”


Artificial Intelligence Is About to Redefine the Human Experience

What the Heck Is Going On?

Beauty, Goodness, and Truth


The Perils of Public Education

Negative Waves

Portals of Perception

This 4-part video conversation with Aviv Shahar highlights the purpose and principles behind the creation of my blog and website.

Podcast version of the “Portals” discussion.

Silent Fitness

This series covers the mindfulness practice I use.

Silent Fitness Part 1: Introduction to the mindfulness practice I use.

Silent Fitness Part 2: Why we practice the way we do.

Silent Fitness Part 3: The Power of presence.

Silent Fitness Part 4: The Miracle of We.

Silent Fitness Part 5: Mindful Living

The Anatomy of Peace

This series presents a retrospective understanding of the role mindfulness plays in building a joyful resilience to life’s difficulties.

Introduction: How we experience life is driven more by awareness than circumstance.

Introduction Continued:

Part 1: Mindfulness, The Doorway To Presence:

Part 2: Presence, The Doorway To Awareness

Part 3: Energy, Connection, & “Being”:

Conclusion: New Relationships, New Life:


This series poses life-questions for personal reflection. My views are offered as a thought starter. 

Reflections, Introduction

Reflections, Vol. 1: Does life have meaning?

Reflections, Vol. 2: How Can We Find Peace In a Troubled World?

Reflections, Vol 3: What Is The Secret To A Happy Life?

Reflections, Vol 4: Is Spirit Relevant In Our Modern Age?

Reflections, Vol 5: How Might We Grow Young In Spirit?

Reflections, Vol. 6: How Does Perspective Inform Our Lives?

Should We Be Hopeful?

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