Portals of Perception

“Portals of Perception” is a website created by Aviv Shahar to bring together individuals seeking ways to make a wiser future.

Aviv asked me if I would agree to engage in a video dialogue on the principles behind the creation of this blog for the “Portals” community.

The underlined links below take you to the “Portals” website and Parts 1-4 of our conversations.


Portals of Perception

Towards A Life Well-Lived

Part 1: The Mystery of Life. (13 minutes)

– The mystery of being alive. 

– Connecting more deeply with life

– The meaning of “We.”

– Why I write the blog

Part 2:  What Is A Life Well-Lived? (11 minutes)

 -Enjoying a meaningful life

– Finding joy that transcends circumstance

– The portal of awareness 

– Disciplines of “seeing” 

Part 3: Balance, Awareness, Practice, & Wisdom. (18 minutes)

– Cultivating awareness

– The “in-betweeness” of presence

– The origin of wisdom

– Connections

– Meaning and belonging

– Balancing life energies 

Part 4: Holding Hands Again. (29 minutes)

– 9 words.

– Finding peace in challenge

– Letting go

– The shared space of discovery

– Reconciling individualism and “We.”

– Grace

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