Purpose and Principles

The purpose of this site is the pursuit of a life well-lived. I define that as a life filled with joy, meaning and belonging. Here is what I mean by those terms:  

Joy– Experiencing inner happiness that is resilient to difficult life circumstances

Meaning– Seeing where one “fits in” and accepting that it makes sense

Belonging-Feeling accepted just as you are.

Four basic principles are involved in the creation of a life well-lived:  

1. Bringing life-energies into balance (Mind-Body-Spirit)

2. Discovering the role awareness plays in life

3. Practicing awareness on a routine basis

4. Following the wisdom awareness reveals 

A short post (2 minute read) explaining these principles will be added to the site each Sunday.

I approach this subject with a bias.  It is my belief that the universe has three basic characteristics. We find ourselves most centered when we align with them.

Three Basic Characteristics of the Universe

1. An interrelatedness of all elements

2. A drive towards unity 

3. Characterized by presence

One final note, the principles above are actioned through experience not belief. I think you will find that they enhance pre-existing belief systems in a complimentary fashion, regardless of whether you hail from a religious or secular viewpoint. 

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