Purpose and Principles

The purpose of this site is the pursuit of a life well-lived. I define that as a life filled with joy, meaning and belonging. Here is what I mean by those terms:  

Joy– Experiencing inner happiness that is resilient to difficult life circumstances

Meaning– Seeing where we “fit in” and accepting that it makes sense

Belonging-Feeling accepted just as we are.

Four basic principles are involved in the creation of a life well-lived:  

1. Bringing life-energies into balance (Mind-Body-Spirit).

2. Discovering the role awareness plays in life.

3. Practicing awareness on a routine basis.

4. Following the wisdom awareness reveals.

We find ourselves most centered when we align with the natural order of things, which I see as:

1. Interrelatedness

2. Unity 

3. Presence

The principles above are actioned through experience rather than belief. I believe they enhance pre-existing belief systems in a complimentary fashion, regardless of whether one hails from a religious or secular viewpoint. 

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