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Negative Waves It’s popular today to believe we are swirling the drain. I don’t buy it!

The Perils of Public Education ChatGPT-4 provides a step-change advance in widespread access to knowledge. Is that something to fear?

Mom A tribute to Mom on Mother’s Day

The Voice Do you have an inner voice that keeps you out of trouble? I do, and I always listen to it!

“Put the Lime In the Coconut” Sometimes we have to take the sour with the sweet.

Beauty, Goodness, and Truth The human species has made tremendous progress in some areas, and almost none in others.

What the Heck Is Going On? We seem to have lost a sense of higher purpose in this country.

Announcing the Publication of My Book

Artificial Intelligence Is About to Redefine the Human Experience.

Expanding Our Creative Being Awareness is essential to our creativity.

Should We Be Hopeful? The country is experiencing an anxiety epidemic. Should we be hopeful?

Art The future has arrived. We’ve entered an age where artificial intelligence is beginning to challenge the capabilities and roles of humans.

The Superhero Within A memorable first swim.

No Free Lunch A persistently inconvenient truth I learned as an economics student

Finding Peace of Mind Here’s a clue, it’s not more screen time!

ChatGPT Reviews My Blog The future has caught up with Stanley Kubrick, Hal Lives.

A New Year’s Look On Life On New Year’s day, many of us reflect on where we are in our life’s journey and where we would like to be. I decided to share my reflections.

Closing Thoughts For 2022, Part 3

Closing Thoughts for 2022, Part 2 As we close 2022, I reflect on the meaning of Wisdom, Truth, and Love as preludes to offering a new approach to expanding joy and meaning in our lives.

Closing Thoughts for 2022, Part 1 As we close 2022, I reflect on the meaning of Wisdom, Truth, and Love as preludes to offering a new approach to expanding joy and meaning in our lives.

“Younger Than That Now” Bob Dylan’s lyrics come to life, fifty years later.

Reality: Recently my 2-year-old Granddaughter asked, “What is reality?” This post attempts an answer.

The Quickening: This post looks at “the quickening,” or life’s beginning from the intimacy of the experience.

Out Of My Mind: Can you be free of your mind whenever you want?

Happiness and Hard Times: “Hard times, ain’t gonna rule my mind, no more!”

Better Together, Part 4: “We Can Work It Out” Practical exercises to increase the “We” in our lives.

Better Together, Part 3: “Tell Me Why” Moving our perspective from me to we heals our dis-ease.

Better Together, Part 2: “To Our Children’s Children’s Children”

Better Together, Part 1: “There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree”

Better Together, Introduction: We will need to see through “new eyes” in order to heal our growing political separation.

“Smalls:” Sometimes children teach us more than we teach them.

A Question Of Belief: The new James Web Telescope images provide context for life.

The True Measure Of A Life: There’s better ways to measure our life than comparison.

“THe Future Ain’t What IT Used To Be”

The Inner Journey: Our greatest battles are fought on the inside!

Good Bosses: Reflections on the best bosses I had over a 35-year career.

Remembering Dad It’s hard to over-estimate the impact Dad had on my life.

Thoughts Matter: Each of us play a role in whether our differences (in the words of Amanda Gorman) “leave us bitter or better!”

Learning To Be Still: In absence of doing, we experience the simple feeling of being.

Not Even In Your Dreams: Envisioning the world our Granddaughter will grow into.

A Little Soon To Say: Reflections on becoming our parents.

A Different Era: Remembering visits to Grandma.

Remembering Mom:

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Restoring Goodness in our divisive times.

Time: Time Flies when you’re having fun, and seems to fly the rest of the time as well!

Reflections, Vol 5: How Might We Grow Young In Spirit?

Reflections, Vol 4: Is Spirit Relevant In Our Modern Age?

Reflections, Vol 3: What Is The Secret To A Happy Life?

Reflections, Vol 2: How Can We Find Peace In A Troubled World?

Reflections, Vol 1: Does life have meaning?

Reflections, Introduction Introducing a new series, posing important life-questions for reflection.

Portals of Perception: Video Conversation with Aviv Shahar on principles behind creating this blog.

A Milestone Reached: My one-hundredth post.

A Father’s Advice: A letter written to our daughter as she left home for college.

The Story of Atom: Some things you know are hard to explain.

Connecting: How we connect with life determines the life we live.

More: Everyone likes more. Just ask out granddaughter.

Whose Dog Are You? It takes courage to be who we are.

The Anatomy of Peace, Part 3: Energy, Connection, & “Being”: Meaningful change requires that we first see the world through “new eyes.”

The Treasure Chest: As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to share some favorite verses I’ve collected over the years.

Merry Christmas! Our Holiday greeting for 2021.

Half-Full: How we view life determines how we experience life.

Photographs: The photographs we take provide an important lesson.

Beyond the 4th Turning: A new positive era is just around the corner. I’m wondering how it might unfurl.

The Goat: The GOAT is a popular moniker, short for the Greatest of all Times. This post is about the Greatest of All Times in our lives.

Mistaken Identity: I am becoming more polarized in my views, and I decided to explore why.

A Strange New World: The economic foundation of modern progress is utterly unsustainable.

Discipline: Discipline separates who we are from who we want to be.

Choose Kindness: Sometimes this is easier said than done!

Little By Little: Persistence in taking small steps in the right direction is a deceptively successful strategy.

The Anatomy of Peace: Part 2: Presence, The Doorway To Awareness This is part 1 of a five-part series on building the quality of awareness to live joyfully through life’s difficulties.

An Inside Job: I fear Spirit has gone missing in our objectively rational world.

Change: Seasons change with the grace of acceptance. That’s a good example to follow.

A Part Of Us: True beauty is found when we open our hearts.

Zero-Sum Games: Zero-sum games are fun to watch, except when they are played by leaders of our country.

Angels Get A Better View: A life well-lived balances body, mind, and Spirit. But what about people who don’t hold Spiritual beliefs?

The Mathematics of Life: Math makes more sense when applied to life.

“God Is Great, Beer Is Good, and People Are Crazy.” Strongly held opinions, even when backed with facts, are not universal truths!

Bad Self-Portraits: Joy requires a certain amount of personal vulnerability.

Are We Getting Soft? The risks presented by the Delta variant of Covid to vaccinated individuals are indeed confusing.

The Best Time To Plant A Tree: Do you know when the best time to plant a tree is?

Spirit Already Knows: Spirit means different things to different people. It is sacred to the religious-minded and often ignored by the secular.

The Changes We Need Most: Our “flat-sides” are usually apparent to others but invisible to us.

Grace: Living with grace isn’t easy, but it’s a worthwhile objective.

The Anatomy of Peace, Part 1: Mindfulness, the Doorway To Presence. This is part 1 of a five-part series on building the quality of awareness to live joyfully through life’s difficulties.

The Pull To Union: Energy is released in chemical reactions. It’s fundamental nature however is a mystery. I attempt to describe it here.

The Anatomy of Peace: This is the introduction to a five-part series on building the quality of awareness to live joyfully through life’s difficulties.

Self-Improvement: It’s usually the largest section of most bookstores and a complete waste of time.

Into the Great Wide Open: We are part of a whole that’s impossible to comprehend.

The Shape Of Time: I believe the arrow of time points towards progress. My friend disagrees.

Dog-Sitting: I am not the biggest fan of dogs, but I sure learned a lot during our recent two-month dog-sitting experience.

Being Present: When things don’t interest us, we often “check out.” That’s a good strategy for a boring meeting, but not for life.

How Was Heaven? Forty years ago, a work colleague made a comment that I have never forgotten. It was about appreciating life, even in our most troubling moments.

The Downside of Debate: Seeking to understand someone with an opposing view is always better than trying to change their mind.

Transitions: The present is something we often subordinate to the past or future. Lately, I am rethinking that!

Just Nine Words: Before retirement, I used to work with young people just starting off in their careers. Perhaps this advice is still relevant

Cats and Dogs: Have you ever tried to change the behaviors of a lived one? It’s far easier to change our self!

A Quality Life: What defines a life well-lived? It’s an important question that each of us must answer for ourselves.

The Lost Art of Listening: Really listening to each other might be one of the most positive actions we can take to improve our world.

The Search For Meaning: Truth and meaning are not the same thing.

Loneliness: This week marked the first anniversary of pandemic imposed social isolation. Loneliness in many ways has impacted us all.

Belonging: It’s good to belong. We should do what we can to extend this privilege.

The Power of We: Everything seems more contentious these days. I think we may have forgotten about the power of we!

Half-Way There: It can be hard to share personal things with others. It’s usually worth it though!

Living In The Moment: This letter reminds us of something we know, but rarely do.

The Doors of Perception: What we experience is only a small slice of what is available to us. Mindfulness expands our doors of perception.

A Quality Life: We all want to live a quality life. But what does that mean?

What Matters? The quality of our inner being determines how we experience life.

Learning the Two-Step: Everyone experiences tragedy in life, it’s how we move forward that counts.

Can Opposites Attract? United we stand. Divided, we will surely fall.

A New Year’s Resolution: It’s that time of year again!

Spirit Running Wild: The spirit of those no longer with us illuminates our lives.

The Spirit of Christmas: A Christmas letter to my readers.

What If God Is A Verb? Recently a work colleague asked if I believe in God. This post is my answer.

Silent Fitness: Silent fitness like physical fitness is critical to well-being.

This Person Is Now Called Adalyn: Spirit rather than labels, defines who we really are.

The Search For Union: Sometimes what we search for is like missing eye-glasses that were on top of our head all along.

Spirit Part 2, The Symphony of Life: We are never truly alone, we are a part of the symphony of life.

Spirit Part 1, Spirit In Action: Life balance requires the development of mind, body and spirit. This is the first post of a seven part series addressing development of spirit.

Thoughts On the Election: Next week, one Presidential candidate will win and half the country will be angry. We have become too divisive, the country needs our help.

Resilience: Hard times seem to roll off some people like water from a duck, but we can all build more resilience in our life.

Soul-Food: Something we could all use a little more of!

Big Rocks: Life-balance can be difficult. Most of us say we don’t have enough time in our day. This is usually true, and always wrong!

Out To Pasture: Being “out to pasture” isn’t as bad as one might think!

A Fish Out Of Water: A fishing story, kind of, about survival in a world not understood.

Wisdom From Grandma: My Grandmother was very wise. Here are a few things I learned from her.

Awareness Part 8, Conclusion: This post concludes the series on awareness.

Awareness Part 7, We: This post looks at awareness centered on “the miracle of we.”

Awareness Part 6, Radiance: This post is about those special people that light our life.

Awareness Part 5, Resonance: We resonate with things we are “in-tune” with. But, how do we get “in-tune”?

Awareness Part 4, Presence: Presence is the act of bringing one’s complete awareness to the fleeting moment. It’s extremely powerful.

Awareness Part 3, “Flow”: When awareness shifts from thinking to doing, conscious energy is brought back into balance.

Awareness Part 2, Ego: The voice in our head, commonly experienced as “Self” turns out to be our biggest problem.

Awareness: Part 1: Awareness is something we usually take for granted. It deserves a lot more attention.

Inside-Out: Getting older is only inevitable in the mirror.

Clear Mind, Open Heart: True mental clarity goes beyond logic and memory.

This I Believe: Expressing the core beliefs that guide one’s life.

Just Like Me: Seeking out people who express ideas that differ from our own can be life changing.

The Space Between: Relationships are the currency of life, yet we insist on distancing ourselves from one another.

Energy In Motion: Actively managing personal energy flow is a critical component of well-being.

The Evolution of We: Solidarity and collective action will be required to address the tremendous challenges our nation faces.

The Illusion of Separation: The illusion that we are separate and independent from each other and the world and the ills that causes.

Mindfulness: An introduction to the practice of mindfulness and the beneficial contribution it can make to a life well-lived.

Beginner’s Mind: We never see the world as it is, rather we see the world as we are. Discovering what that means is the starting point of a life well-lived.

Never Better: Lasting happiness will not be found in the serendipity of circumstance. Happiness is found in the freedom to choose one’s response to life’s challenges.

Purpose and Principles: The philosophy and organizing ideas for a life well-lived.

Thirty-Nine Thousand Ninety-Four,… and One: A little off subject but an obituary for Mike Hahn who died of Covid-19, when numbers are not simply numbers exemplifying the importance of awareness.

Who Am I?: Introducing the concept that You and I, at the most basic level, are simply awareness. The pathway to increased joy and meaning in life is through expanded awareness.

The Miracle of We: Discovering the energy in relationships. To get more “we” one must let go of “me”.

More than Molecules: Defining what I mean by spirit in the context of MBS. “Spirit” is “the living energy of relationship.”

A Question of Balance: More references to balance and harmony of nature to weather extremes of circumstance providing a ready example for us to follow.

The Beginning: Introducing concept that we can’t control all the outcomes of our life and the importance of balance (MBS) to building resilience to face difficult circumstances.

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