What If God Is A Verb?

The other day, a former colleague asked if I believe in God. 

A few years ago, I might have had a quick answer. But, the older I get, the more I’m discovering that I don’t know as much as I once thought. As a consequence, I’m finding,  questions often invite more questions. 

So, I asked my friend if he could explain what he meant by God? 

He was surprised by my question. His answer revealed he understood God as an all-knowing supreme being. He was quite sure about this. 

I am not inclined to the same certainty.

In my youth, everything I learned in church personified God, i.e.:

1. God the “Father” (male?)

2. Rule maker (Ten Commandments)

3. Passes judgment, punishes sinners, sends his son to help

4. Listens to and sometimes answers prayers

5. Loves us 

But, what if God is energy? For example, what if God is love? 

Some people believe God is responsible for creation. Could love be the fundamental creative force of the universe? 

Creation is manifest in union.  Hydrogen joins oxygen and makes water. Chemistry becomes biology, creating life. Parts join together into increasingly expansive wholes. Our highest experience of union is love. We feel love’s energy. Could this be God?

Some people deny spirit because they don’t believe in God, yet love’s energy is everywhere! 

Feeling “the presence” of those no longer with us, or the “big ecology” of nature, or something larger than “Self” that defies description, enriches life! Such connectivity is the power of spirit that brings us together.

Neurologist Dr. Jerome Lubbe created a holistic human thriving model built on four principles: be seen, be known, be loved, and belong. Each of these point towards union.

A strong self-concept is essential to emotional health. At the same time, too much “Self,” leads to isolation. Spirit, which I understand as energy that brings us together, balances “Self” created isolation. We yearn for connection, love is essential to a life well-lived. 

I’m at peace to sit in silent communion with the unexplainable mystery that dances in sunlight on the water and sparkles in the eyes of our new granddaughter. I feel spiritual energy, but I don’t have an explanation for God. 

Maybe God is a verb. 


Fundamental Principle: Bringing mind, body and spirit into balance.

A Question To Consider: How do you experience spirit?

More information including background principles, suggested reading, and a library of previous posts can be found at http://tim-coats.com

4 Replies to “What If God Is A Verb?”

  1. REVEREND COATS !!! You really tackled a tough one today and in my humble opinion you were brilliant. My feelings about GOD are very similar to yours and the thought that GOD is a VERB is right in line with that…..and the VERB is “BEING”. As in being in and of this world….being in our lives….being helpful….being trustworthy…being hopeful….being loving…and just plain old “being”.
    Thanks for another wonderful Sunday reading and thought….you are a great teacher and we are all evolving and learning right along with you.

    Your friend— Warren.


    1. Yeah, it was a walk out on “thin ice.” A contentious area for sure. Several rewrites and some helpful advice on tone from my brother who is a Methodist Minister. Your comments, while overly kind are much appreciated!


  2. Your former governor said once that religion is a crutch for the weak minded.
    I think it just a way for us to deal with death.

    I prefer the approach of Obiwan in Star Wars about the “Force”. Look it it up.
    It’s everywhere. I can’t remember the exact quote but it’s very good. It’s not bad or good. It is. Humans are not the end all of everything….🤔


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