Purpose and Principles

Have you ever put together a jig-saw puzzle? If you have, you know that after dumping the pieces out on to the table, the first thing you do is set the box up on edge so you can look at the picture and match the coloring of the individual puzzle pieces to see where they fit. 

This is my 7th post and after re-reading the first six posts, I realized that I haven’t set the box up on edge for the reader. Hopefully this post will correct that.  

Let’s start with the purpose of this site, which is the pursuit of a life well-lived. I define this as a life filled with joy, meaning and belonging. Here is what I mean by those terms: 

Joy- Experiencing inner happiness that is resilient to difficult life circumstances

Meaning- Seeing where one “fits in” and accepting that it makes sense

Belonging-Feeling accepted just as you are.

Four basic principles are involved in the creation of a life well-lived

1. Bringing life-energies into balance (Mind-Body-Spirit)

2. Discovering the role awareness plays in life

3. Practicing awareness on a routine basis

4. Following the wisdom awareness reveals 

Individual posts will explain what these principles mean and how to integrate them into your life.  For clarity, I will label future posts with the principle it ties to  (Balance, Awareness, Practicing, Wisdom). 

The posts are intended to be thought starters. What I write about these principles will be less important than how you apply them to your life. 

Two additional things about the principles:

First, the principles are actioned through experience not belief. I think you will find that they enhance  pre-existing belief systems in a complimentary fashion, regardless of whether you hail from a religious or secular viewpoint. 

Second, I confess to an underlying bias.  It is my belief that the universe has three basic characteristics. I believe we find ourselves most centered when we align with them. 

Three Basic Characteristics of the Universe

1. An interrelatedness ofall elements

2. A drive towards unity 

3. Characterized by presence

These characteristics may come off a bit esoteric, but they will become clear as we move forward.

I have been warned to avoid “waxing professorial”, so I will end here. I hope laying out the big picture will help as we dive into the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle of a life well-lived.

4 Replies to “Purpose and Principles”

  1. Joy, Meaning, Belonging reminds me of the experience I had in HK. For many years we hosted X’mas party for a home with disadvantaged children. Most of them have health issues and they stayed at this place during the week. We cater in a buffet, brought toys and school supplies, and a Santa. We could see the joy in them and our volunteers, to us the meaning of sharing and bring joy, and year after year we saw the same children, staff, and volunteers as a sense of belonging. You hit all 3 key elements.


  2. Dearest Tim!
    I am enjoying your posts greatly. Since you asked for my feedback, here it is -I need more “Tim” in these posts. I want to know how you went south in these practices, where you fell and why, how you learned, got up, brushed yourself off and did it better next time. I happen to know you’ve got stories about that! 😄

    You’re a brilliant writer, Tim, and the way you challenged me and encouraged me on my writing is what helped us get our book across the finish line!


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