Awareness Part 5, Resonance

Remember the Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations”? That song is about connections.

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations
She’s giving me the excitations”

Resonance happens when a connection is made. There are millions of things going on around us all the time. We resonate with some and are “blind” to others.

What determines which is which?

My acoustic guitar sits on a stand near our piano. When the piano and guitar are “in tune”, I can strike an E note on the piano and the E string on the guitar vibrates.

This provides a clue. We resonate with things we are “in-tune” with.

But, how do we get “in-tune”?

That’s a complicated question that has no simple answer, but at the very least, we must be “awake” and receptive to form new connections.

The more ego-centered we are, the less likely we are to be “awake”. You probably know people who are so self-absorbed that they are oblivious to what’s going on around them.

Once “awake”, how receptive we are is defined by how firmly our likes and dislikes are baked in. For instance, are we open to new relationships and experiences or do we habitually order the same things off life’s menu?

Everyone is different, but all of us to a greater or lesser extent, are stuck in our ways.

I naturally resonate with the “big-picture”. I love new concepts, ideas and strategy. Executional details don’t interest me very much.

As is the case with most things we enjoy, seeing the big picture is easy for me. Unfortunately, over-used strengths become weaknesses. When I was transferred to a job where operational details where the primary emphasis, after the company I worked for was acquired, I was miserable.

After a few years, (yes it took that long), I finally figured out the problem….it was ME! My preferences, likes and dislikes were so etched in stone that I was not receptive to change. Hence, I wasn’t receiving any “Good Vibrations”. Once I committed to being more receptive, the job became interesting. It turned out getting “in-tune” with a new role and a new operating style was not only enjoyable, but developmentally beneficial!

I learned an important lesson during those difficult times. Today, when faced with things I don’t resonate with, I make a greater effort to set pre-conceived bias aside. Sometimes we simply have to try the lima beans.

Change is never easy, but we have more control over what we resonate with than we think. If we can open up and shift awareness from “Self”, a new world awaits.

Key Principle: Discovering the role awareness plays in life
Key Question: What new area might you explore for “Good Vibrations”?

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3 Replies to “Awareness Part 5, Resonance”

  1. Tim—another great one— not sure how you keep writing with such insightful feelings and information.
    Please pass the “lima beans” !!! Never in my life have I seen the United States in more of a need of having all of its citizens “listen” to more than just their “self”….our Nation is in crisis mode and we really need each other to understand the principles that you deliver in your weekly briefings. At 74 years of age, i have a lot of “baked in” ideas and feelings but I do try to listen and put my own “self” to the side as much as possible….. and I will try harder thanks to your words of wisdom. Keep it up my good man !!!


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more with respect to the challenges our nation faces. We have forgotten how to hold hands with one another in pursuit of common interests.

      Those Lima beans are a bitch. Don’t know about you, but in retrospect, the life experiences I needed most, I wanted least.

      Tim Sent from my iPhone



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