Out To Pasture

“Out to pasture” is a derogatory label no one aspires to. 

That’s why my bicycle ride out Moose Lake Road to Sawyer County S last summer took me by surprise. 

The 26-mile route from our cabin is one of my favorites, especially in the second half of June when wildflowers are in full bloom! 

The North-country has pluses and minuses. On the plus side, we go from lake-ice to glorious summer in 60 days. On the minus side, winter lasts forever!  

On this ride, the wildflowers were stunning; yellow coneflowers, wild blue phlox, purple prairie clover, rubescent swamp milkweed, and white Queen Anne’s lace. As I stood up in the saddle and peddled over a small hill, an entire field of white daisies came into view. It took my breath away. I simply had to stop and take a picture, even if only with my iPhone. 

As I clipped out of the pedals, I saw them. Six Holstein cows; large white bodies and black spots, almost hidden, sitting peacefully in the field, munching daisies. I thought to myself, “life just doesn’t get much better than that!” These cows had no idea they would one day be at the meat counter affixed with an organic grass-fed label. They couldn’t have looked happier!

What better lesson does one need?

I’ve practiced meditation for many years to bring “presence” into my life, and here sit these cows. They looked pretty freaking “present” to me! Their beauty interspersed amongst the daisies created the most spectacular image I’ve seen in a long while.

In another three weeks, the best wildflowers would be wilted. Sooner than they know, these peaceful creatures would be sizzling on someone’s grill. Life can be a bitch! Thankfully, we can’t see the future. 

But we can learn from Holstein cows in a field of daisies.

I ended up not taking a picture. I love photography, but I knew the captured image could never equal what I saw before me. Instead, I watched the cows in silence, daisies bending in the wind. 

This year I became a senior citizen, out to pasture, I suppose.

That’s just fine with me!

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3 Replies to “Out To Pasture”

  1. I prefer to think of it as “chapter 6” of a well lived life!! Each decade is a chapter to be written, with possibilities and yes, hopes and dreams! Enjoy mid-chapter six that might be labeled “grand parenting”!


  2. Out to pasture never !!!—– You know me I am 74 and I AM JUST IN A DIFFERENT PASTURE !!. Yah, at golf my drive only goes 170 yards instead of the 230 yards that I was used to— Yah, I definitely go to bed earlier each night— Yah, I do not waterski anymore and my old favorite slalom ski is permanently screwed into the porch wall—Yah, I do not work in a big corporation anymore for those big bucks—- but I have replaced these things and ideas with others and they are super exciting too !! Grandkids, catching up with other friends, pickle ball instead of tennis, helping Joanie my wife run a small art gallery in a small town instead of ME BEING THE ONE in the big corporate world in the big city——-and you know what— I am still seeing and smelling those daisies you were talking about—- they are just growing in a different pasture !! And I know you know what I mean as you have done so yourself. Thank you for another very thoughtful exercise !!!


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