Most of us resist change. 

Given that change is constant, a better strategy would be to lean into it, but it’s hard to do.  

Friends that were better downhill skiers than me (most) encouraged me to lean forward and point my skis downhill. That’s exactly what I was trying to prevent. Fighting gravity, I usually burned   my quads out by noon.

Resisting the inevitable consumes a lot of energy!

Lately while getting my ten-thousand steps in I’ve noticed that change is upon us. Whirlybird white-pine seeds spin to the ground. Our country road is bordered by drupes of reddened sumac berries, Joe Pye weed and goldenrod. Leaves are beginning to turn.  

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s also the shortest season. In NW Wisconsin, leaves go from pre-peak to post-peak colors in about a week. 

There’s always a bit of melancholy associated with the beginning of autumn. The last swims are in. Boats and docks will soon be coming out of the water. Guests have departed, the lake is quiet. 

Earlier this week, five muskrats were hanging out on the crossbar of our boat lift. Maybe they were noticing cooler water temperatures as well.

Watching these signs, it occurred to me that if life were one year long, I would be autumn. 

Autumn’s not a bad gig. I don’t miss mind-numbing work meetings or self-induced stress. I do wish my knees would’ve held out a little longer, but creaky joints are a small price to pay for extra time on the clock! 

One of the biggest changes I’m noticing is that I don’t look towards the future anymore. That feels strange, but it’s also liberating. I’ve always been a planner, but now I’m finding the present has more to offer than the future. 

This change in mindset is evident in my hobbies. 

I love photography, but I’m taking fewer pictures these days. What am I going to do with all those photos, even if they are in the cloud? Trees shed their leaves in autumn. Maybe we should do the same!

Fitness is another change. I used to have a competitive goal in mind for workouts like a 10K run or bicycle road race.  Lately I’m finding it’s possible to exercise without going anaerobic.

The highest value is assigned to things in short supply.  Time is always in short supply, and true to form, I’m noticing it’s value is increasing!

Autumn teaches us to appreciate the moment.  

I’m finding that a welcome change.


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6 Replies to “Change”

  1. After rolling past age 80 last month I suppose I am no longer in the Autumn of life. However time is still screaming by for wife Nanci and myself. While looking ahead to the future is certainly different than 30 years ago we continue to do a fair amount of planning for the future. Plans like spending more time with grandchildren/greatgrandchildren, researching best place to stay in AZ for the month of March within budget and getting equipment ready for leisurely snowmobile rides in the lake country.
    Not quite in the rocking chair yet.
    Bill & Nanci Wright


  2. Tim—– Very well stated and explained—- The Autumn of one’s life— I will be 75 in two weeks and it sure feels like Autumn around here. Nothing wrong with that as long as one accepts it, and the new kinds of responsibilities that go along with it….The best thing is that I get to go to bad soon after 9 PM even on a Saturday or two and think to myself —-It’s OK !!!


  3. Hi Tim. One of physics laws is the principle of inertia, sometimes simply described as the tendency to remain unchanged. It takes an external force to change motion, velocity, and well, in this case, life. Really enjoyed reading the post this time – so true!


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