Reflections: Introduction

Recently a friend and former colleague sent me an email offering a thoughtful critique of this blog. 

Having worked together on the same team, she challenged me to consider whether the blog practiced concepts I believe in, namely:

1. Listening vs. Speaking

2. We vs. I

3. Asking vs. Stating

Her critique reminded me of a conversation with another team member early in my career shortly after receiving a big promotion. He walked into my new office, shut the door (I had never had an office with a door before), and then nervously lowered the boom.

“Tim,” he said, “You look like crap!”

Ok, that got my attention!

He continued, “You’re a Director now, and you need to start dressing the part!” “Get your shirts professionally laundered and starched, go out and buy some decent suits. Start looking at how the other Directors dress, and then go look in the mirror!”

It was the most courageous conversation an employee ever had with me,…..and greatly appreciated! I thanked him, and he got up and left my office.

The feedback on my blog wasn’t quite as shocking, but it motivated me to “look in the mirror.” Having done that, I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

At work, I rarely issued direct orders. Instead, I asked questions. This empowered team members to think through the issues independently before deciding upon a course of action. People appreciate not being over-managed, and I found the right questions always led to solid results. 

A life well-lived isn’t any different. Everyone chooses their own way in life. Still, it’s helpful to reflect on life’s important questions from time to time.

The tagline of this blog is “Reflections on the art of art of increasing joy, meaning, and belonging in daily living.” Towards that end, I plan to assemble a list of questions for reflection.

Starting next week, I will pose a question, offer my take on it, and invite you to consider your own answer.  

Taking this approach is a higher risk (for me). My “take on life” will likely differ from yours, possibly in personal areas where feelings run strong. My intention is not to suggest that my way of looking at things is correct or initiate debate. Instead, my objective is to provide a springboard for your own thoughts.

I am disturbed by the “negative waves” that inundate cyberspace. I fear that we’ve stopped listening to one another. Worse yet, I fear we’ve stopped listening to the inner voice that animates our life. Modern technology makes it too easy to “camp out” in ideological echo chambers that perpetuate divisiveness rather than reflect on what’s good, beautiful, and true.

My objective in writing this blog is to positively contribute to readers’ lives. I can think of no better way to do that than inviting you to reflect on important life questions. I’m calling this new approach “Reflections.”

As I begin to build a list of meaningful questions, I would love to hear any you suggest. 

We begin next week!


If you have a question you would like to see in “Reflections,” please forward it to me. 

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2 Replies to “Reflections: Introduction”

  1. Hi Tim,
    I loved your blog before and I applaud you to listen to this feedback and continue to learn. You are loving your values. I learn from your experiences and perspectives and I am sure that will continue. Happy Sunday


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