Special Announcement: Correction

(My apologies but the first post had a bad link)

This week, I’m interrupting my normal posts to make a special announcement!

What is the secret to living a joyful life? Most of us don’t think about such things until life throws us a curve ball, which ultimately, it always does.

The pursuit of joy and meaning uncovers as many questions as answers. During four decades of study, my notes on the subject grew to over a thousand pages. 

Our society is struggling. Most news is negative and divisive. I wanted to address this, so three years ago, I built a website (tim-coats.com) to host a blog focused on positive messages. Initially, a few close friends and family members followed the blog. Over time, readership expanded (13,000 views to date).  

I continued writing posts, and about a year ago, I began shaping these reflections into a book. This post, announces its publication. 

Towards A Life Well-Lived brings together 144 reflections, organized by subject categories, including; Awareness, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Happiness, Life Balance, Time, Spirit, Life, Peace, and The Miracle of We. The book is now available on Amazon, here’s the link: 

Towards A Life Well-Lived

I am donating proceeds from book sales to support individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. These afflictions are growing at alarming rates, especially among young adults. If you purchase the book, you will be helping to support a good cause.

Thank you for reading my posts! If you decide to purchase the book, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon! 

Please note: I am also sending an email out to a contact list that includes regular readers of the blog. As fair warning, you may see this announcement popping up again in your email!


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