Summer is in the rearview mirror. Autumn’s blowing by us in the passing lane, and the ghosts of Round Lake have returned.

Exiting Leder Bay on the last pontoon boat ride of the season, we passed the small island in front of our cabin. The popular beach was empty, but I could clearly see Bryan jumping for joy. He found the gold wedding band I secretly hid in the sand with his new metal detector.

On the back side of the island, I watched him pull a 30” walleye through the ice.

Turning my head, the ice disappeared, and MJ slid a belated diamond engagement ring on her finger. It was our 25th wedding anniversary.

On Duggan’s rock bar, I watched a big musky rip a brand new G. Loomis fishing rod and Shimano reel out of my father-in-law’s hands. He’s gone now, but October 15 will always be known as “Sinko de Polo.”  

Later we floated past our kids and friends skipping a ball across the lake surface to one another on “Woboba Point.” 

I blinked, and they too were gone.

There are lots of ghosts on Round lake. All of them are friendly.

We’ve owned “The Cabin” for twenty-three years. A former colleague told me buying a cabin was a lifestyle decision. He nailed that one! 

The cabin has a lot of pull. In fact, each summer, it pulls Julia’s family in all the way from Oregon. We were initially concerned Ryan would resist, but he and Adalyn are now firmly in the cabin’s orbit.

Twenty-three years ago, I dug a little white pine out of the center of an ornamental shrub along the house. Mom and Dad watched as I nestled the shin-high sapling into a freshly dug hole in the yard. I snapped pictures of them standing by our little tree on their annual visits. They are standing there now, in the shade of its expansive limbs. 

My buddy Doug said the cabin was his favorite place on earth. In fact, he’s resting under an ancient white pine along the shore at this very moment.

Autumn brought the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. Earlier in my life, I would have snapped dozens of pictures. This year it wasn’t necessary.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. And in a strange twist, we become a part of it.

One of these days, I’m going to hang out full-time with the ghosts at the cabin. 

That way, it will be easy for the family to keep track of me!


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6 Replies to “Ghosts”

  1. You hit the nail right on the head !!! Joan and I had our daily walk around the island this morning and saw so many wonderful “ghosts” that we love and remember—- friends, family, dogs, events—all of them real and all of them special. The leaves, the sky, the trees, the roots on the path, the surrounding lake with all of its shades of color also joined us on our Fall walk. We close the Lake this week and head south for the winter and await another spring next year. I had my 76th birthday yesterday and my son said—-Dad, you look great and are ready for another trip around the sun !! What a great and wonderful way to look at this next year !! Another chance to make sure I practice the ” we” in life instead of just the ” me” in life…..and I know you are a big part of my ” we”.
    Thanks Tim for all your weekly thoughts and insights—– you truly add to “my trip around the sun” !!!!



  2. Enjoyed this , Tim. 😀 I should comment more on your blog posts. I do read every week and would miss them if u stopped. 😍

    Sent from my iPad



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