The Good Life

“The good life,” any idea what that is?

Advertisers suggest it’s hanging out with Snoop Dogg on a white-sand beach drinking Corona beer!

Some say it’s retirement. 

Others say it’s a million bucks in an investment account! 

Still others are “Searching for some other place to be.” 

I was thinking about my definition of “the good life” recently while on a neighborhood walk.

Of course, it started to rain. So I put my head down to keep raindrops off my glasses and picked up my pace, hoping not to get soaked. 

As I approached Highlands Park, I saw him. By that time, it was full-on raining, but this dude was utterly unphased. He was coming straight at me doing the “Crocodile Rock!”

He’s like the postman, always on his route; studio headphones clamped on his ears, smiling, groovin’, and just plain digging life!

One can’t miss him. Whenever I see him approaching, spontaneous joy fills my heart. The dude is radioactive! 

Weather doesn’t phase him. I’ve seen him out walking in driving snow storms, and two-digit sub-zero temperatures. He’s even “cool” with 95-degree blazing sunshine.

I’m not sure what his deal is. No disrespect intended, but he seems a little off; I mean, he’s always happy!

“How many steps so far today, brother,” I ask him. 

“Twenty-five thousand,” his reply!

“My God, that’s like twelve and a half miles! How far are you going?”  

“Oh, not far,” he replies. “I’m just walking around the neighborhood.”

Sure enough, I’ve never seen him more than a mile from the house. 

One morning, before daylight, I was walking down Glengarry Parkway, and “here come old flat top groovin up,” it must have been five-below-zero. He had his headphones on, smiling, singing, and cake-walking his way to Vernon Ave. 

As he approached, he recognized me and momentarily paused, cocking one headphone to the side: “They don’t know our secret, do they?”

“I guess not,” I replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Like I said, I don’t know what this guy’s deal is, but one thing’s for sure:

He’s living “The good life!”


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3 Replies to “The Good Life”

  1. THE GOOD LIFE—– Family and Spouse, Old and New Friends, Invigorating Health, Solid Education, Interesting and Challenging Jobs and Career, and many memories of all the above and then of course a wonderful dog !!!!



  2. Wow love that guys attitude. Brings a new light to the pouring rain that we need so much. It’s still very wet to get out in. But everyone likes a smile. We need to let our smiles shine. P


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